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Originally Posted by joe sch View Post
The Ultra 2's are soo powerful, the ultra pws original is really the best stick for a player with classic tennis strokes.
I couldn't agree more. In my opinion it is the best racquet Wilson ever made and light years ahead of the PS 6.0 and PS 6.1

First time I saw an Ultra 'in the flesh' it was in the hands of a young American player who was part of US team that came out to Australia and competed in a number of McDonald's sponsored junior events. He had the Ultra, his partner had the POG OS and there I was, still swinging my Stellar Centre Court wood.

The kid with the Ultra - Ty Tucker: current coach of the Division 1 Ohio State Buckeyes men's tennis team
The kid with the POG OS - Andre Agassi: he did okay for himself as well.
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