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Originally Posted by J011yroger View Post
Next time, I am going to take vids of my volleys from the same angle you used, you can see what is going on so much better than from the angle I used.

This is just a little half court warmup, I don't have much volley stuff on video.

For those half-courts volleys you need to hit the ball with your elbow closer to the body for racquet head control. Your arm should be mainly fixed and you should be swinging mainly from the shoulder.

You were not bending your knees at all which caused you to hit the ball swinging from your lower arm and wrist.

On low balls you just dropped your racquet head and not your butt to get those balls. On one of the wide balls to your backhand side, you failed to use a step-out and instead you crossed over and sent your momentum to the side fence which hurt your ability to get back into position.

Step out with your right foot for forehand volleys and your left foot for your backahnd volleys first!

Watch this an start it at :56 which covers the footwork part of the volley.
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