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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
All coach's would want us to balance our grips on volleys too, and they don't know what going on in the PRO events, therefore their students will never achieve PRO level.
LeeD, this is not a true statement. As a player develops and practiced good fundamental strokes, personal preferences and discoveries will influence what a player will gravitate towards. You cant say if a player doesnt do what a pro is doing they will never get to the pro level.

Besides? What pro are you talking about? Conners? Lendl? Agassi? Federer? Haas? Guga? Blake?

Each of these pros hit a forehand but they have their own unique style, grips, idiosyncrasies and so on. A pro that waits in a backhand grip for a return of serve may think everyone should wait while the other pro prefers to wait in a forehand grip.

Their is many more variables that go into a person making it to the pros besides genes!

And as far as coaches wanting their students balancing their grip for the volleys, why the hell not?

The Continental grip is the grip for volleys. A player will eventually alter their grip to put their hand in a more comfortable/stronger position for them. This is an individual thing and it sort of falls into a coached thing. The main point is to get them into the dominate volley grip and that is the Continental.

I dont know why you say things like the statement you made above.

Forget what YOU do. LOOK at vids of what the PROS do. EVERY good volleying pro uses longer, more turned, body moving more forward on their backhand volleys. For a reflex volley, they employ more underspin and less pace than the forehand volley.
Say what you want about yourself, but your volleys are NOT the same as a pro player's volleys.
You cant just look at the pros. You have to remember that pros have hours upon hours put into developing their strokes and styles. Players learning the game do not have this time and need to focus on the fundamentals to help them improve to a certain level. I certainly am never going to go pro because I a too old. However, I am smart enough to know that not everything a pro does is beneficial for my game.

First off, the pro game is much different and more precise than my normal club level game. It just is and knowing that there are certain things I can take from a pros game and certain things I really cant take.
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