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BBill, I'll give you those points...we should all START to volley with continental, and will soon revert to our own individual form of continental.
I did say the videos show a form of continental closer to the forehand swing on backhand volley, short punch on forehand volley.
If the grip is perfectly balanced, the stroke would be too.
And if someone volleyed with conti towards backhand on FOREHAND volleys, then a longer, more forceful stroke with more body forward and more shoulder turn is needed. The opposite of most good player's volley grip and style.
Nellie... certainly I wasn't there. The notion of a grip change from Efore to Eback on different volleys just doesn't make sense. I don't THINK any good player does that. Not even extreme W grippers. They use the same side of the racket to avoid grip changes. And to switch from Eback to Efore for a forehand volley doesn't make sense, as the time you have should be spent with turning, moving forwards, getting the feet into position.
And if the puffball was coming slow enough for someone to grip change, then they should just up the competition level.
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