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yes, I remember watching Aaron Krickstein as a kid ballistically jump balls over opponents heads with the Ultra 2 standard!!! standard is unused, I hit with the other one in the rain today I love it so much! Wish I could find a st. vincent mid and the rare Ultra 2 mid with the ugly wide throat piece. Ulta 2 Mid was once top of the line (above the PS 85!). It has much more power than a prostaff with less trampoline. I found the St. Vincent PS amazing but felt tension and shock in my arm and body after playing. No such experience with the Ultra 2 mid as they are much stronger and absorb shock and dampen vibration much better... also better feel, control and dwell time in my opinoin ( I have played bumperless and bumpered sv at all tensions known to mankind, chinas, taiwans, everything but the Chicago) ps 85's the U2 mids can be used effectively in a modern game...unlike the ps 85 they can also hammer a nail into a wall!
Terrific quiver, plasma. I was a big, big Ultra 2 head back in the old days. The mid was the flagship, Wilson rolling it out to both Tennis and World Tennis magazines for their reviews. Both reviews gushed over the power and stiffness - the power assessment has probably changed relative to today's frames, but you won't find a stiffer bat. Definitely not a topspinner's frame IMO because not whippy or torquey, but great for baseline slapping, volleys, and serves. 4.5 or better, please!

Note that the ugly wide throatpiece model was not the mid but the 1st gen. largehead. The mid always looked the same, except for Wilson dropping the plastic throat collar in the late 1980s. The largehead became a one-piece with yellow accenting first, then a one-piece with the same orange accenting of the mid.

My favorite was the standard. Lots of bells and whistles for a 70 sq. inch frame! The Krickstein frame!
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