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[QUOTE=OleNole;3158040]You mentioned that you're interested in U of Chicago. If you believe you can get in there, or a similar accademic institution, you'll probably have a hard time playing varsity tennis because, generally, schools with top academic reputations tend to have solid tennis teams. For example, I go to school in New England where the major D3 schools (NESCAC schools like Middlebury, Amherst, etc.) are better than the major D1 schools (UConn, BU, UMass, etc. excluding Ivy League). Because tennis is such a difficult sport to play professionally, it is more important to even the very best players to get a great education. Thus, if you don't want to sacrifice academics to play, you should, in my opinion, look into club teams on your campus visits, in addition to looking at varsity squads. If you're determined to play varsity, Boston College and James Madison are two places to start your search. JMU in particular seems to have a lot of foreign players, so the coach might be willing to have an American walk on to his team to try to balance out the numbers. Anyways, that's my two cents; hope it was helpful.[/QUOTE

Thanks, that really helps. Academics is definitely more important though
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