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Originally Posted by EikelBeiter View Post
I love those other courts on your other videos. What are they ... indoor green clay? Or is that canada ten ? Never played on clay indoors, I imagine it is a bit faster but with nice top spin options ?
Yea it is Har-Tru, synthetic green clay it is faster than red clay, and when properly maintained slower than hard courts.

But the courts at those two clubs are so poorly maintained, that you get all manner of bizzare bounces, (or non bounces where the ball just hits the ground and rolls) and if they are not sufficiently watered then they become stupidly fast. Or if the top coat is not spread out evenly, you get spots that play like clay, and spots with no top coat, and it is just the hard packed down stuff, so the ball comes off much quicker than you would expect.

So at a nice club where it is well maintained, it is a pleasure to play on, but when poorly maintained, it makes for some ugly tennis (not that I need any help in that reguard). But either way, it is better than watching on TV, so we play on it

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