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I think I discovered the true beauty of this frame. After hitting with it tonight I found out that it takes very little effort to play with this stick. The key is that you HAVE to play with little effort.

Fast swing speeds are rewarded very well. I find myself playing with a very loose grip on the racquet and not even grabbing it with my pinky finger, sometimes. You really have to whip it around to get it to work for you.

This works extremely well at the net. It's a very, very fast racquet up there and you have to use a loose grip. It's all about flicking the wrist at the ball. My volleys tonight were more solid than they've ever been in my month of owning this racquet.

This racquet is definitely a super Serve-and-Volley frame. Serving is a joy and fast racquet headspeed is easy to generate. This translates into serious bombs. Just keep your balance as you approach the net and remember to use a loose grip. Volleys will come effortlessly.

Groundies are a different story. Slice backhands are very effective if you flick your wrist at the ball. It cuts extremely hard and dies because the racquet is so powerless. The only time you will ever generate serious pace with this racquet is if you are feeding off of your opponents. Don't try to out muscle someone with this frame because it's a waste of energy. The racquet is about accuracy and it will do the job to get you up to the net. From there, you slice and dice with that scalpel.
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