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Originally Posted by G-Man View Post
Excellent analysis, especially the loose grip! I feel the same way. I use no lead and string with X1 Biphase @57. Short, angled backhand slices are particularly deadly. No point in long baseline rallies with this stick, just go to the net, hit a drop volley winner, watch opponent squirm, enjoy post-victory beer. The touch at the net is unbelievable. Don't know why folks would want to mess with this beauty by adding lead.
Thanks for reading. I know my sig says I use X1 Biphase 17 but I haven't actually tried it yet. I have a hybrid Pro Hurricane/X1 Biphase 55/55 right now. The poly is definitely not something I'm liking very much. Poly hits almost like it feels when you string it up... if that makes sense. Come to think of it, almost every string I've put on myself feeds back through the racquet the same way it feels when you string it.

I think I should just go back to full multi beds. I loved NXT 16 @ 55. Prince Syn Gut Duraflex 17 @ 55 was awesome too, but it was definitely stiffer than a multi. X1-Biphase 17 @ 55 might be perfect for me. I'll have to string up before the weekend and just take the $15 loss on the hybrid setup I just installed.

I'm like a little kid in a candy store; I just can't wait.
Babolat Pure Storm Ltd. (X1 Biphase 18 @ 53lbs)
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