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Originally Posted by Kirko View Post
it was the real deal with Rosewall and Mal Anderson ; Anderson used the Yonex R-27 & the time I saw him play Rosewall he used the Dunlop 200G. as the ultra fit Rosewall the 200G was a "hand in glove" fit for Anderson. just think guys well into their fifties and hittting so so "clean". I was amazed at how well they traded groudstrokes.
Originally Posted by Virginia View Post
There is no way on earth that Ken Rosewall would use a paint job. With him, it's WYSIWYG!

Thanks Kirko for that clarification. Now all I have to do is find them!
Thanks for the info! Makes me wish that today's pros would have the same level of integrity. I think the last pro to repeatedly refuse a paintjob was Pete Sampras. I've heard that he kept playing the PS 85 without a contract until Wilson actually felt "bad" and offered him one.
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