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Originally Posted by Kirko View Post
I saw in person Rosewall use the old standard ultra (with the side-plates) to give PWS sensation and then some of the Best senior tennis I saw ever he used the midsized ultra II.

Ken Rosewall was using a Wilson Ultra during a veterans event (America vs Australia) held here in Australia at the, then, newly opened National Tennis Centre. Would have been some time between 1988 and 1990.

Australian players were (again, those I remember), Tony Roche, John Newcombe, Ken Rosewall and - I think- Mal Anderson.
American players I can remember were Stan Smith, Bob Lutz and Tom Gorman. I'm not 100% sure but I believe the other American player was Marty Riessen.

If memory serves - Smith was using a Prince oversize, Lutz was using a Prince Magnesium (thought it was OS but not sure), Gorman was using either a Wilson or a Wimbledon (it was white -ceramic- and not a mid-size) and Riessen was using a Puma (Red and Blue model). Newcombe was using Prince OS (think it was one of the CTS line), Roche was using a Mizuno (black, their smallest head size: think it was 95sq-ish), Anderson was using a POGOS and Rosewall was using a Wilson Ultra.
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