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I think that the best decision would be to scratch one of the clay TMS events and to make one on grass instead. That way, no weeks would be added or subtracted and everything will just be moved one week sooner. RG would start a week earlier because Hamburg, for example would be cut, so then the grass court season would have one more tournament. Imagine how much better the level of play would be at Wimbledon if all the players had another tournament to prepare, and especially if it's a TMS tournament where all the matches are tough. The first two rounds at Wimbledon wouldn't suck as much because players would be more used to the surface.
It's funny because all the TMS events are grouped in two's except for the ones that are on clay. You have IW/Miami, Canada/Cinci., Madrid/Paris, and then THREE on clay. Why is that? Why should the clay season have one more TMS tournament? Wimbledon is a grand slam, and yet there aren't any TMS tournaments leading up to it, but there are two after the Aussie Open, and two indoor that don't really lead to anything, least of all a GS.
It wouldn't be something new at least. They scratched the TMS in Stuttgart for Madrid, so why can't they get rid of Rome or Hamburg for a grass TMS? I think the benefits would be tremendous: for players and coordinators alike.
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