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Default Rossignol F200 is not that good???

Ok….. before I get skewered.. let me explain…I cant find the sweetspot on this frame’

With the inverted bridge .;..the sweet spot seems to have shifted up and for the life of me I could not find the sweet area of the racquet….

I never had this problem with the max 200g.//// anyway… I guess the F200 isn’t for me…interesting that I don’t have this issue with the larger headed inverted Rossignols in their lineup…their sweet spot is right on for my swing….with the larger head and the inverted bridge…. It is sweeeeeeet…….

I guess the small head and inverted bridge causes the sweet spot to be located in an area I usually don’t hit in….

too bad too cuz i really wanted to love this frame... like wanting to love a great girl that you just cant get along with

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