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To clear up things a little: The Graphite Tour 600 is the same frame as the Trisys 270 Mid. It was offered in 1993 only. The Trisys 270 was a model name for North America. This was the mid one step below the Prestige Tour 300 in that year. Its mold looks quite similar to the PT300 but there are subtle differences, particularly in the drilling pattern. Those two throat grommet pieces fit into open slots in the throat bridge and the drilling pattern is moderately different than that of the PT300/PC600 (although they're both 600 cm2 18x20's). The GT600/TS270 Mid was not compatible or available with a CAP grommet system. Both the PT300 and TS270 (and their European-market cousins) were available as 630cm2 midplusses concurrently. I have a Trisys 270 Midplus kicking around here somewhere.

The Tour 600 ("digital font") appears to be of the same constant-beam 600 cm2 widebody mold first seen on the 1989 Match Pro. If this is the case, it's probably a cheaper frame which would have been marketed towards club players or beginners in the European market in the mid-90's. The Match Pro was made in Taiwan, however, not Austria.
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