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Originally Posted by soyizgood View Post
Here we can discuss WTA players that for whatever reason just can't seem to get it together. This could be due to a minor or major slump, inconsistent results, mental fragility, not living up to the hype, a combination of things, etc.

Feel free to agree/disagree as well as suggest others to be included

Safina (just doesn't win on the big stage....Olympic/FO/AO finals)
Kuznetsova (can't win ANY finals even with Henin gone)
Ivanovic (FO '08 looking like a fluke win, can't stand her "ajde!" and fist-pumps)
Chakvetadze (has an real excuse for 2008, but not getting it together)
Hantuchova (an under-achieving enigma)
Kirilenko (wins and loses when she's expected to)
Vaidisova (falling apart at 19 and not really giving a care)
Safarova (haven't seen much of her... maybe that's the problem)
Mirza (just use an extreme semi-western forehand then....acts like a diva without the wins to back it up)
Mauresmo (playing past her prime, fell off the map after 2006, getting blown away by the younger girls)
Golovin (never saw anything special about her game, does look great in a swimsuit)
Peer (beat Safina 3 times in 2008, but otherwise is so erratic)
Radwanska (lacks a true weapon, doesn't intimidate anybody)

Added per feedback:
Dementieva (though she has two titles to start the year... but yeah her serve is a wildcard)
Petrova (Kuzzy's long lost sister?)
Sharapova (enough with that crazy reverse forehand... not going there on her grunts and moans, weak right shoulder)
Szavay (it's not like I noticed)
Jankovic (plays hard but not smart, truly thinks she's a diva, serve and forehand are pedestrian at best, volleys are just BAD)
Bartoli (grinds to the end but lacks the wheels and resolve to go far, out of shape, still has daddy holding her back)
Zvonareva (debatable, IMO. Yeah she can be emotionally fragile and loses finals, but at least she fights)
Safina - give her time. Only winnable match was Olympics. And remember, she is related to Marat Safin!
Kuznetsova - dumbest top 10 player of all-time. (But she is sweet off the court). Plus she doesn't know how to play tennis! She can run, do the splits, hit with power. But it's not playing tennis!
Ivanovic - not a real athlete. Power groundies will only get you so far. With more training and coaching, she'll possibly win another major.
Chakvetadze - Overrated to begin with. She was Hingis-lite. Had a good run in '07 only due to absence of other players. Does anyone remember her 07 US Open semi match (does anyone want to remember?) Has always been mentally fragile.
Hantuchova - Perhaps the most mentally fragile (not to mention physically fragile) woman ever to be in the top 10.
Vaidisova - next to Kutzy, the dumbest player I've seen. Still can't believe these 2 played a French semis a few years ago. Will never be a top player again.
Safarova - apart from a few good ones a few years ago, she's indistinguishable from dozens and dozens of girls on the WTA Tour over the last 25 years.
Mirza - another overhyped, oft-injured, and tactically bankrupt player.
Golovin - too many injuries. Wonder if she'll ever make it back.
Peer - a grinder with a weak serve. Describes 70% of the women on tour today.
Radwanska - what soyizgood said. The next incantation of Chakvetadze. By next year she'll be out of the top 20.
Jankovic - I think she is a pretty smart player. Still doesn't have the inner belief - even as she professes to love herself and her game ever so much. The serve is always going to be the main stumbling block to winning a non-clay major.
Bartoli - ugliest game of any player to ever get to a major final. If they ranked players by averages she'd never be ranked as high as she is. Only stays there because she plays a ton.
Petrova - mentally very weak; for a player of her physical talent, it's a shame she never had the mental ability or belief.
Zvonervea - had a breakout year in 2008. Will that be the highlight o her career? Or can she do better? Jury is out. The mental fragility is just underneath the surface. In the right set of circumstances I could see her winning the French, even beating a Williams sister there, and having a top 5 year. I could also see her lose every big match she'll ever be in.
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