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Originally Posted by NickC View Post
Depends. Most companies will sponsor players or give them discounts if they're D-1. For D-II and D-III players, some companies will offer a "player's package" for a small discount. I know Babolat does it, and Dunlop as well. Not sure about anyone else. For the big guns like Wilson, I doubt it, unless you're top 5 or 10 in the nation for your division.
hmm i read a few threads on here cause I did a few searches and some people were saying that Wilson did give out player packages. I'm obviously not looking for a sponsership i play D III lol. But i know companies like babolat, head, dunlop, and tecnifibre do player packages and I thought i had read that Wilson does also. But I found a way to contact them just waiting on a reply should hear by tomorrow, will post again if they do give out player packages.
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