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I've put about 10-15 hours on my current bed of X1-Biphase 17 @ 54 and the strings are moving a LOT. I'm just going to ride this one out and see how long it takes to pop. The strings still feel comfortable and play well. I have a set of Biphase 18 that I'm going to try next.

As a side note, I've been looking at the Pure Storm. The specs on this racquet look more appealing to me than the LTD I'm using... mainly because the power level is a lot higher. I'm concerned about the 16x20 string pattern though and I wonder how this will play differently than the 18x20 LTD.

Another concern is the 3pt HL vs 8pt HL and what this will do to maneuverability. However, it IS almost 1 oz lighter. I think I should just demo one. There's too many variables to dissect here.

*edit* forget that comment about the Pure Storm demo; I must have been smoking crack. 18x20 is definitely the pattern that fits my game. I hate the way the ball trampolines off of 16x20 and 16x19 patterns since I don't normally hit with a lot of topspin. It just doesn't look as impressive as a ball hit with 18x20 that takes a more direct line, right over the net.

18x20, powerless and direct lines over the net provides just as much room for error as 16x19, powerful and looping over the net. I think the trade-off is giving your opponent less time to react to the ball vs a heavier looping ball with topsin on it. I prefer the scalpel and pinpoint precision.
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