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Originally Posted by Guga_x
I actually do have the same understandig of grips as Power Game.

To my knowledge the semi-western forehand is the exact same grip as the western back-hand or extreme eastern backhand.
As far as hand position and if you hit on the same side of the racquet, yes it is very very close. There might be some slight adjustments with the heel of the palm and some may have the butt cap more in the hand but in general yes you are right. You would have to hit on the same side of the racquet if you had a SW forehand and an Extreme Eastern/Western backhand grip.

These are actually the grips I use most of the time except I tend yo go more towards the eastern forehand when trying to go flatter on my forehand and more towards western on mid-court approaches.
Not bad choices at all.

What I find intriguing is that I can not keep the same grip going from one side to another. Altough the position shoud be the same they have some mino differences I can't tell.
You mean you can't find the near exact position as the previous forehand or backhand. This takes practice. As much as you practice your technique, you need to practice boring grips changes. It is very boring but will add to your consistency especially on fast crosscourt exchanges. Just part of the game you need to get better at.
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