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Default Head Graphite Edge question

Local shop has one of these for very cheap.

replace ****** with M-E-N-A-C-E no dashes. :rolling eyes:

This is exactly what it looks like, even though this came from another site....

The only marks on the frame were the Head, and the Graphite Edge and an engraving on the side of the throat...four numbers, don't remember them.

I'm going to go buy it today, anything to look out for?

Bear with me, I'm learning more and more about newb if you will.

Edit again: Appears to be the AMF with the yellow and red stripes, FWIW. Shop opens soon.

Also, they had a a Wilson Pro Staff "Original" 6.0 racquet cover. I know the racquets have a cult folowing, are the covers worth anything? THis thing looked mint.

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