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Deit does have a pretty nice serve (big) he tends to always aim for placement rather then power during tight matches ,were trying to get him to cut loose a little more i think it will take some time (hes 12). He really let the call get to him yesterday which suprized me but in the end i saw how big he can play and realized he can dominate the age division if he wants and he so young even though he's my son i stand sometime amazed at what he can do .As for the other boy he played solid and like i said deserved the win!!
well from what i saw his serve is placed well but tht doesnt do it when u play real good 16 year olds. u need power and placement. the only reason i won yesterday was my serve was huge. high %, high mph, good placement. 16s and 18s is all about holding serve. and i really think as deit grows he'll get stronger and be able to bang it. i wouldnt worry about. just a thought i had. he;s incredible for 12.
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