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Originally Posted by Caloi View Post
I absolutely love this thing! I just got back and still a bit sweaty, so the endorphines are running high at the moment. I've got to tell you, I will be on the lookout for at least one more of these.

Not sure what strings are in this thing but I was surprised at how well I could get spin on the ball. It really plows through the strike zone and feels very stable! These strings are a light guage black string w/ zero markings. I figured they were old so I'll need to restring it sometime.

So, back to classic racquet talk, where would I find the stringing pattern/instructions for this racquet?

Remember this thing has absolutely zero markings on it other than the factory "HEAD" and "Graphite Edge", no stickers, no specs, etc.

I researched and found it stock at roughly 12.8 oz, I did the balance yesterday on my dining table and came up with 16pts head light. Seemed wrong but measured the balance at 11.5". (13.5-11.5=2/.125=16)Did I do this wrong?

Last but not least, it's got a Prince buttcap. Not sure why but I guess it doesn't matter much unless they weighted it. i don't have a scale to weight this particular one.
they only go for about $10 on the bay
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