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Originally Posted by SoCal10s View Post
SoCalDominates: well part of this is true but I think you need to go around the block a few more times.. when you start playing excellent returners,unless you can ace or get winners serves with no returns all the time, I can guarantee you,you won't win without a solid groundstroke game or dominate with a volley game .. great returners will eventually get used to your serves and if you don't have enough game to back it up,you cannot win... if you ever get a chance to play guys like Spinosa ,Nguyen, Mkrtchian, or Wang in singles,you'll know what I'm talking about.. you can have a good serving day but after a while they'll come back and get you if you cannot match up with them on the other parts of the game...
I've watched Clay Thompson serve great and still lose a match because of a few points turn around where he cannot stay with the rallies ,and Clay's serve is almost always on...
I agree. ur making my point for me though. im not saying you only have to have a serve. u have to have good groundstrokes too. But you have to have a good serve too. thats what im saying. all the guys u mentioned: Mkrtchian has a huge serve, Wang good serve very well placed and hard, spinosa (played him over a year ago) huge serve, Nguyen i havent seen enough. the point is you have to have a big serve as a weapon and good grounstrokes, volleys, etc. If you dont have a semi big serve its tough to win at a high level
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