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Originally Posted by SoCal10s View Post
Brad, I thought your goal was top 20,if it is top 20 I can see that as doable outcome,but to dominate the 16s,Deit has to beat
Marcos Giron,Dennis Nguyen,Johnny Wang,Spencer Simon,Alexio Halebian,Dennis Mkrtchian ,Ace Matias,Reo Asami,Sahak Bazrganian,Mika DeCosta,Daniel McCall,and many more... come on Deit just lost to Stefan Risager,this kid is #85... your statement that Deit is going to dominate is like me saying that Donald Young is going win the grand slam this year... possible,yes.. probable NO WAY... but no one can really say.. if USA can have a black president ,I guess anything can happen...
I wonder who has a better chance? Donald Young winning an ATP title or Deiton dominating 16's. Ladies and Gentlemen, place your bets.... I will have to go with Donald Young, he gets all the wild cards he needs, thus better chances than Deiton, who could not get a wild card.

I hope this joke is not offensive. Apologize in advance to both Baughman and Young families.

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