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Originally Posted by tenniscp View Post
he is 13 in couple of weeks, for all intentive purposes, he is 13. That is however irrelevant, the kid has enough talent for a 12, 13 or 14 year old.

Dominating 16's socal, a pretty strong division, is no less of a stretch, than Deiton dominating national level 16's. That is exactly why i mentioned the names of the top kids, so you could see the absurdity of your claim, but you refuse to see it and that is fine.

Maybe if you were less outlandish and extravagant in your statements, Deiton would have gotten a wild card, at least into 14's easter bowl.
He will play at this age level and work on his game as for the tournys he plays were not to concerned if he gets in or not right now were just using the tourny's we do play to see what we need to work on. Even him getting mad over a bad call needs to be worked on and as So Cal said even on a bad day a kid of Deiton caliber should not lose to who he did . But really our goal is not to even play too many Jr Tourny's this year and being on court 4-8 hrs a week may not do it but will see.
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