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When you say that deiton is not getting pushed around and you see the possibilities, I agree. The reason I think he is talented is because he can hit with these guys, get games of them, in other words compete and sometime in the future he could beat them. However, that does not constitute domination. There are kids out there who are playing up an age group and are having some decent results and even better than decent. Deiton's age group now is 14's (ok, will be in 3 weeks), so by playing 16's he is only playing up one age group. Many other kids are doing it and have more impressive results on a national level, but nobody is screaming domination.
This kid he lost to was hitting great he was 3 or 4 yrs older about 50 pounds heavier and he's has a 12 yr old for the most part out hitting him and in a lot of the rally out muscling him and dictating .Were just trying to teach him some patients so he can finish the job .
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