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Originally Posted by 10isRocs View Post
Yea but basically the top 25 in the 16's are in a different league than the 25-75...the Preliminary 16 draw at Fullerton was quite weak most of the top 16's were playing 18's or held out to this weekend
I'm gunna assume ur talkin bout south bay not fullerton. anyways lets not generalize. 1)there were some weak ppl who qualified 2) the thing bout 25-75 is completely false in every way shape and form. im 34 i have wins over guys in the 20s i beat the #18, digiulio (unfortunately it was in an 18s tourny) and have gone 3 with multiple ppl in the 20s. i would agree if u said top 15 but top 25 is in no way a different league.
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