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Originally Posted by origmarm View Post
If I lived in the US I would definitely have it.

My current car is a Ford Focus 1.8 Diesel's a real POS. I had some substantial money problems in the not too distant past hence the "is it cheap?" choice.

Prior to that (3yrs ago) I had a Noble M12 GTO3. Giving that up was like giving up part of my soul. I've had various lovely cars over the last 5yrs or so but nothing made a*sholes revving their "Porsche/Ferarri/Pretty much anything" at the lights look so crestfallen 2seconds later as the Noble. It hurt my back on any normal road and made good use of my AA membership but for something built on an industrial estate in Leicester it was like it's seat was molded just for my behind.
Yessir...I understand.

Have you looked at the Challenger build options? They are fairly incredible. The one thing that gives me pause is the $5/gallon we had not too long ago. That would hurt. But.....6.1L 425 HP.....even the 5.7L has 372 HP.....

And the car looks pretty much exactly like the '72 in real life. I watched Vanishing Point back when it came out and coveted that car ever since. The new car is pretty much the same dimensions with a shorter overhang front and rear. You know, I always like the classic cars like the old MOPARs, but then again riding in them is a different story. Here, you have the best of both worlds....70's styling, classic MOPAR, and updated today performance.....

Come to think of it, I may have just talked myself into the 5.7L.....
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