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When I switched to a 28 length this was my first one, with this racquet it was all postive no down side. I just took me a few hits to figure how close to get to the ball. I liked the extra reach at the net on volleys and overheads and I could reach balls on my backhand with the slice. In the past I could only get a little racquet on them. other balls that I would slice now I could hit a two hander and get it back pretty well. Plus it helped my serve since I am only 5 10 3/4 tall. I never felt like I got jammed any more than my POG 90 or 110. I liked the how much flex this racquet had, And it was nice that Yonex made a thin beam racquet since my r-18.

I wish they made this in a 29 inch I wonder if it would still hit well and not get jammed into the body. I use to put 15 nylon and a bunch of string savers and string it 70lbs. I guess I like a flexy racquet with tight strings then a stiff racquet with tight or low tension. My racquet weight with 2 overgrips and 15 string and string savers was 13.1. With this racquet I could hit some nice topspin with this racquet but I tried the chang racquet when It first came out and could not hit any everything was flat. So I sold it to a hard flat hiting junior.
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