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I posted a want ad already at this site. Are you talking about e bay a auction site. Are there other auction sites I can check out. Well if I can't find one of these racquets. I will buy one of the following racquets. I want to buy and try first a Babolat pure drive Roddick plus then if I hate it I will go with a Dunlop 4d aerogel 200 or Pog longbody.

I already have a 200g muscle weave and had 4 POG longbodys. I tried the first blue and red Babolat racquets back in 1998 or 1999 when they first came out. I liked the red one better than the Moya blue one. I tried a full poly but it didn't feel right it felt better right before it broke. With my new racquet I want to go with a poly main and a natural gut cross just to check out. I love a full gut job but it only last 40mins. I strung a natural gut 15 on the mains and a natural gut 17 on the cross that lasted 90mins but still very short time. 15 nylon lasts me 12 hrs.
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