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Originally Posted by theagassiman View Post
All these guys we're mentioning yes, they all had awesome backhands.
But Edberg, Rosewall, Laver and maybe even Federer hit their backhands all with an effortlessness about them and that was what made them so special.

True, Muster certainly had a powerful backhand, but it wasn't hit with the same effortlessness and grace that Edberg or Rosewall hit theirs.
I think Guga had the best one hander. I would have mentioned Federer but I can't go with someone who runs around their backhand. I was surprised when I noticed Muster virtually had no loop to his back hand. Seemed like he drew it back and down and muscled it which while effective you're right about it lacking grace.

Is this limited to guys only cause I know it's an easy response but I do like Henin's backhand as well.
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