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Originally Posted by theagassiman View Post
All these guys we're mentioning yes, they all had awesome backhands.
But Edberg, Rosewall, Laver and maybe even Federer hit their backhands all with an effortlessness about them and that was what made them so special.

True, Muster certainly had a powerful backhand, but it wasn't hit with the same effortlessness and grace that Edberg or Rosewall hit theirs.
Yes, Muster's backhand was/is not pretty, but brutally effective. I'd put Mantilla's backhand over almost anyone's, though - man, it was just perfect. Pioline had a beauty as well. I brought those three up because I knew no one else would (and I happen to really like all three as players). However, there's no way to top Laver and Rosewall, the best backhands ever.
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