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Originally Posted by barry View Post
Did you watch the match? Could you see how he was holding up on his shots, lack of confidence? Very apparent, this new frame is not working out for him.

He is really struggling, doubt he will remain in the top 20 by year end. He must have made 40 unforced errors. To bad, he is an excellent player, just not with the Head Crappy frame, but I guess 5 million is a lot of money and Head needs someone.
Did you???
He had 29 UE, not 40.

He's just having a down period that most likely will cause him to drop a few spots if it lasts. Out of top 20??? Nonsence. He's still in the top 10 easily.

Fed had a slow down period last year, he faked Mono and blamed it for it. Later it was "proven" not to be true. Novak is blaming the racket...

Anyway, no points to defent in Miami, therefore, he will get back whatever he lost at IW, the second part of the year favors him, ranking (points) wise...

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