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Why should he retire? He loses to someone who is of a very high caliber. That is not shocking. In fact, considering the H2H going into this match, one could argue that Fed was the underdog.

So fed has trouble with a few players but can't beat just about everyone else on tour....

Therefore he should retire? WHAT???

Then everyone not named Nadal or Murray (or Djokovic) should also all retire because they can't beat Nadal or Murray either? What about all the people who lost in the first round? Should they retire?

What about the people who didn't even make it into the tournament? Should they all retire at this instant?

Should we make the ATP tour a 2 man battle with Nadal and Murray playing each other for every title?
Copy from other thread:

Even the best of the best lose sometimes. What about Nadal's 6-0, 6-1 (something like that) loss to Youzney (spelling) or Tsonga's beatdown of Nadal at AO 2008? What about when Murray lost to Fed at the USO?

Do u think they should have retired after those losses?

New material:

How do u know he won't win a major again? Let's see. He's been in the semis at the past 19 GSs!

To anyone who knows anything about tennis, it is obvious Fed gives himself a shot at winning every slam very consistently. Should I also mention he's been in the past 3 GS finals?
"No one beats Roger Federer 6 Times in a Row"
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