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Originally Posted by Princegod View Post
I had the 105 version but unfortunately it killed my elbow. I actually found spin to be lacking, but hitting flat was the forte of this racket. I sold it quickly though because of my elbow.

I believe Hingis and Kournikova both used it at one point in their careers FWIW.
I never hit with the 105 but it sounds like it must have been quite a different stick. With the 95, seriously, I've never extracted spin like I did with that out of any other racquet I've hit. Maybe we (the Yonex and I) just meshed. I hit with an eastern forehand, usually very close to the top of the net, and i had balls jumping up over shoulder height with this thing - I've never done that before. I don't usually play with a lot of spin so it wasn't as if I was consciously trying to put more work on the ball. It's the only long body I've hit with though so perhaps that had something to do with it.

I put it down because I could never dial in my backhand. Slice backhands were great, but I found I'd often be a little late prepping for a topspin backhand - and eventually I decided to go back to what I'd been using before. I still think about whacking a bit off the bottom though and seeing how it plays at a shorter length. For my money, the RD7 was a better all round performer.
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