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Default More ATP stats that look good

Here are a few more matches for which the ATP stats -- though they might contain minor errors -- at least appear not to have counted aces and df's twice.

For Becker-Sampras, 1996 ATP Championships, round-robin, the ATP has each man winning 94 points, in line with my own count.

For Becker-Sampras, 1996 Eurocard final, the ATP has Becker leading in total points by 139-137. I have the same numbers if I presume that Sampras held at love in the one game missing on my DVD.

For Sampras-Agassi, 1999 ATP Championships final, ESPN has Sampras winning 37 of 43 points on first serve late in the match. By my count, he went 7 for 7 on his remaining good first serves. So for the entire match he would have won 44 of 50, an exact match with the ATP.

In the 90s, it's still pretty frequent that I see aces and df's counted twice at the ATP, but some matches don't appear to have that problem. Interesting that the two Becker-Sampras matches are okay (since the stats for their 5-set ATP Championships final are also correct, going by the New York Times).
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