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What makes you think the newer models are any better than the older models? There are many people on this board (along with many of the pros that you speak of) that think the older models are much better than the newer models. In fact, I believe the consensus is that racquets in general just keep getting worse and worse as they introduce newer and newer models. The more technology these manufacturers try and cram into the new racquets, the worse the racquets become (think Rollers, Triad, Intellifibers, More Technology, Triple Threat, Hot Melt, Super Light and Stiff, Tennis Elbow Specials, etc.). Therefore, its no wonder that the pros, who depend on their racquets to make a living, generally stay with their older, tried and true, racquets. They use paintjobs as dictated by their endorsement contracts so that their sponsor manufacturers can sell their latest racquets to an unsuspecting public since they can't sell a discontinued racquet, can they?
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