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Originally Posted by edberger View Post
wow, i measured mine on a balance board (strung plus overgrip) and got 6 pts HL. that's a big difference! weight was about 355 grams.
I was WAY off. I built a balance board this weekend and to the best of my knowledge the specs in my sig are accurate.

Enjoy the new racquet!

BTW, how are the grommets? My original that I got from P.I.A.S with the Prince buttcap has perfect grommets. The twin that I just got has very beat up grommets.

I've got a strip to cut up and will post a detailed step by step when I get around to replacing it.

Also, do all Edges measure under 27"? #1 is at 26.5+ while #2 is at 26 3/4".
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