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Originally Posted by edberger View Post
My GE measures in at 26 7/8". The grommets are probably in 6/10 condition...not surprising for such an old racket. BTW, does anybody know when these rackets were in production? Since switching to Prestiges last year, I've been interested in their heritage...

Caloi - thanks for starting this post.
No problem...mine was a true steal at $7.00 for the first one at Play it again, down the street. The second was worth every penny $20 shipped. I am only playing these racquets now.
Originally Posted by Tasmanian Devil View Post
Do any of you want to guess or actually know the sw for the gloss vs. matte?
I have several gloss models and one matte version. The matte version is by far the most solid & plush racquet I have ever hit with.
No clue as I'm still learning about these racquets, but I'm sure the smart people here could come up with something.
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