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Default NBC's stats

I went through this match again and proofed my original counts; I made a few corrections to the original post. I also got a few extra counts and checked against NBC's stats.

Per NBC, as of 3-5 in the third set:

Agassi's unforced errors:

Set 1 - 1
Set 2 - 8
Set 3 - 7

Agassi's winners:

Set 1 - 14 (I have 12)
Set 2 - 14 (I have 13)
Set 3 - 8 (I have 7)

I counted only clean winners and aces, so I'm falling a little short of NBC's numbers. But in this second viewing I judged some shots as winners that were not clean winners -- and if I plug in those judgment calls, my numbers line up with NBCs. I gave Agassi judgment calls on two FHs in the first set, another in the second, and one more at the start of the third.

For the remainder of the match after NBCs display of Agassi's winners, I gave him judgment calls on two BHs, a FH and a service winner.

So in all, including judgment calls, I gave Agassi 60 winners for the match.

NBC never presented Becker's winners, but on top of his 71 clean winners and aces I gave him 4 service winners, and no other judgment calls. So my total for Becker was 75 winners.
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