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Default NBC stats

At 1-2 in the third set, after a service return winner by Agassi, NBC showed a stat on his "Passing Shots." They had him at 16 winners and no unforced errors. I have him at 16 if I include his 9 return passes.

Often the term "passing shot" does not include returns, so I wondered if NBC's 16 winners could be explained without returns. I have Agassi making only 7 ordinary passes in rallies, so I don't know where the remaining 9 winners would come from, if not from returns. By my count, apart from returns he had made 4 attempted passes -- not clean winners, or even winners as judgment calls -- that drew some kind of error from Becker (forced or unforced). But that is not enough to get to 16.

And I have no reason to think these shots would be referred to as "Winners" in any graphic.

Nor would you expect the term "passing shot" to be applied to groundstrokes that merely forced the opponent to volley the ball out or into the net.

So I think NBC's "Passing Shots" include return passes.

That being said, NBC presented a graphic for "Passing Shots" in the final that I don't understand, whether returns are included or not. But that's how I read the stat in this match.

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