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Originally Posted by RidiculousForm View Post
Seeing as I'm going to be entering my senior year at college this fall, and then heading out to possibly the real world... I was wondering... with a full time job, how much time do you normally get to the courts and practice / play? Is it difficult to find a training partner in your area? How expensive are the courts? Do any of you have your own court on your property? How do tournaments mesh with your work schedule?
The answer will vary greatly from person to person, situation to situation, career to career. Depending on your job choice, you'll probably be starting at or near the bottom of the ladder at work. This MAY mean you'll have "extra hour" job responsibilities that cut into your private life. It MAY mean you'll have a harder time coughing up dough for shoes, racquets, court time, etc. Getting married? Having kids? Those REALLY cut into your play time. Now, on the positive side, large employers will often field sports teams for employee's. Play on the company team, and you can play for free. Or, barring that, you might be able to find practice partners at work. Tournaments can be tougher. You often have to sign up for a tournament several weeks in advance. Then, by the time the tourney rolls around something comes up at work (or at home) and suddenly you're a big jerk (or unemployed) if you try to play the tournament instead of whatever came up later.

Usually, finding a court (in the summer, anyway) isn't too much of a problem. Most high schools and many public parks have courts you can use for free. In the winter months you may need a club membership (and good luck finding a club that will let you join for JUST the winter months).
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