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Originally Posted by onehandbh View Post
How do you know it was a lucky outing? How do you know
that they were having a bad day? Did you talk to them?
Were you at the match? She averaged 101mph on her
serve... Was that luck?
The tennis world is a place where development is a process that "no one" can tell the end results except for Tennis Florida and TEnniscrazed ,,when your looking at kids that are 10-14 you see some that are being built for the future some that will be known as great juniors you just can never tell, i think out of all the girls in the USA i think this girl is being built right ,she unfortunately is probably the USA best hope she's pretty solid i watched her "in PERSON" so i can give a "fair critique" of her and she is good. BTW didn't the younger Tomic destroy Boluda at the Ausi open 0 an 3 according to some standards here that means Boluda has no potential. ONE Question to TCF and Tenniscrazed have you ever seen that DB kid play in person??
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