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Originally Posted by BradBaughman View Post
The tennis world is a place where development is a process that "no one" can tell the end results except for Tennis Florida and TEnniscrazed ,,when your looking at kids that are 10-14 you see some that are being built for the future some that will be known as great juniors you just can never tell, i think out of all the girls in the USA i think this girl is being built right ,she unfortunately is probably the USA best hope she's pretty solid i watched her "in PERSON" so i can give a "fair critique" of her and she is good. BTW didn't the younger Tomic destroy Boluda at the Ausi open 0 an 3 according to some standards here that means Boluda has no potential. ONE Question to TCF and Tenniscrazed have you ever seen that DB kid play in person??
who is DB? your son? how is he relevant to the conversation? has he beaten a top 100 atp player?

and i'd agree with tenniscrazed and tcf, she seems to be the real deal. how many other girls that age can take out a top 100 player? this isn't like some youtube video where we're all guessing how good the player will be, we have results bro.
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