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Originally Posted by ihearit1st View Post
who is DB? your son? how is he relevant to the conversation? has he beaten a top 100 atp player?

and i'd agree with tenniscrazed and tcf, she seems to be the real deal. how many other girls that age can take out a top 100 player? this isn't like some youtube video where we're all guessing how good the player will be, we have results bro.
those 2 would understand the question ,,I agree as i said i think she is solid ,,is she the real deal after "one" win?? i wouldn't get ahead of myself or to excited time will tell in this marathon! it was and inside joke about how one players a guarantee and another isn't, we all where rose colored glasses! LOL,l Overall i hope she does well and makes it on the tour don't want her at any d2 college.I met her at Everet she was a very pleasant girl we talked for a while she was raised right.

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