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Originally Posted by ihearit1st View Post
who's getting ahead? unless i can't read, no one said she's gonna be #1 in the world. the thread is titled "congratulations..." it was meant to highlight the big win she had. yes it was "one" win, though i don't know why that has to be quoted. so she takes out a top pro player, we say good job, and you get mad...why again?
not mad I just said she's a "pleasant girl" ''she's probably the USA best bet" , ""hope she does well"" ,""enjoyed talking to her"", ""watched her in person thought she was good"" ,HMMM where do you want me to stop, Oh yah the """best part""" she was raised right!! now please help me to understand how this is interpreted as mad!! genius lololololol BTW i never said anything about no.1 either
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