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Originally Posted by jgn1013 View Post
question for J011yroger,

I know you don't recommend poly for players who can't break synth. string within 5-10 hrs but I have a couple of questions.

currently using blue gear full poly, strung at 59#.

I really like the control i have with poly and no string bed movement, if i where to switch should i string the synth. gut @ 64# ?
I was reading about the NRG2, is that similar to Prince Recoil? I can't see paying 20+ for Prince Recoil.

Any other suggestions?
Yea, 64 would be a starting point, but understand that you may have to go up or down as the 10% is just a suggestion, and I really don't buy into it as much as most.

NRG2 is nothing like Recoil, but it is a great string. I really like NRG2, and I liked Recoil much more than most on the boards, pity it is so expensive.

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