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Default dampner can be anywere below the lowest cross

Useless trivia... Have had USTA types gripe at me on several occasions if I put it any higher than snug against the lowest main (the round ones I sometimes stuff just above the lowest main so I get 4 contact points instead of 3). Change-jingling, foot-fault-allowing USTA guy keeps saying it ain't legal (stemming from sphagetti strings years ago...). Methinks he's been reading too much, and needs to start calling foot faults...
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i use the dampener just for decoration, so i don't know exactly where it should be
my racquets are the white star "BIG" and the "BIG" are 98 sq-in. they didn't specify this on the frame but I measured it by lining it up against the prince precision mono and they had about the same headsize. I have seen the "MID" version for sale at the auction site and the headsize for the "MID" has got to be smaller.
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