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Default It's just a joke

Originally Posted by Leonidas View Post
Again and Again. people trying to justify why Nadal won the AO. If the AO is so slow, why didnīt any clay-courter make it to the semi or quarters? why did tsonga make it to the finals in 2008? Stop those posts please
I thought it was a harmless joke.

There is no denying the greatness of Nadal, or his incredible achievements. And I think he would have been a great champion in any era. No matter how the courts are playing today, everyone is playing the same courts, so Nadal is getting it done while others do not.

But still, you have to admit that Wimbledon has slowed down drastically since the Sampras era ended. And that may be a good thing, as it has allowed for more baseline rallies and less 1-3 shot tennis. Wimbledon got what they wanted, and it has helped Nadal (and maybe Federer too, as he has won all five of his Wimbledons from the baseline...but he did prove he could play S&V tennis when he beat Sampras in 2001).

That is not a knock against Nadal. It's not like they changed the surface specifically to help Nadal. Circumstances came together in such a way that helped Nadal and other baseliners, and he took advantage. That's what great players do.

And blue clay might be interesting, but I like the red stuff just fine. It can be hard to follow the ball at times, but I can usually adjust.
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