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Originally Posted by rxblitzrx View Post
I hate how you have to increase the swingweight to get a more stable frame on hard hit balls, and I don't think there's any way around this!
I think this is common to all frames to some degree or other. The critical factor to me is how hard your opponents are hitting the ball. I have only played a couple of people where the extra weight was what I would consider necessary. In all other cases I don't think it would really matter all that much except for mishits.

If you mishit a lot, then the weight will be beneficial for absorbing some of that shock. If you don't mishit that often, then the weight won't matter too much unless you are playing a big hitter. I think that if you move up to a high enough level, almost any stock frame would benefit from some additional weight. At least for most people.

The thing that keeps me gaining an ever better appreciation of the PSL is the control it has. I just love the fact that I can hit the ball really hard and get loads of spin and control even after adding the weight. It really is the best control stick I've played. There is plenty of room for me to improve my game with it, and I don't think there is any weak spot for this frame unless you want a frame that will provide power for you.
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