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Originally Posted by Kevo View Post
I recently added some lead to the top of the frame. I didn't notice any improvement on pace with groundstrokes really. I did notice that playing against hard hit balls seemed a bit easier on the arm, but not much additional pace. I also only hit against one guy so far that I feel like it's much of an advantage against since most people at my level don't hit as hard as I do anyway.

The only thing right now that keeps me from taking it back off is the additional pop on the serve. I was raining down some absolute rocket first serves during my last match. I hit some aces that weren't even out of reach they just were too fast for my opponent to get his racquet on them.

The flip side to that is that my kick serves weren't always dropping in and I had more doubles than usual. I think that is something that I will be able to fix once I adjust to the additional swing weight.
how many inches of lead tape did you add to each side of the upper hoop? I'm thinking of experimenting with weight myself now that my indoor season is finished. Onto hardtru this week

I agree with your point about serving. This is the best serving stick I've handled in stock form. Flat, kick or slice varieties keep my opponents off balance. I credit the headlight balance and the manageable 335g static weight. Very well balanced as long as I have my legs under me.
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